Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficient houseIn terms of energy generation and use, “energy efficiency” is defined by the ratio of energy input to energy output. If ten units of energy are put into a device and only seven units of energy are are used, the device is said to be 70% efficient. This means that 30% of the input energy is lost.

According to the department of energy and climate change, Britain’s homes and businesses are throwing away £3 billion of energy each year using inefficient heating and power. The average household could be spending over £300 more on energy a year than they actually need to.

Improving the energy efficiency of a building should be the first step towards reducing energy consumption. This can be achieved through a number of measures and Green Systems Engineering have the expertise to help you with your needs.

The carbon trust in association with Siemens finance set up a scheme for businesses in both the private and public sectors to apply for low interest loans to invest in energy saving equipment. There is a list of technologies which are eligible for this loan on the Carbon Trust website and starts at £1000 upwards. Repayment of the loan is made via the amount saved by installing the equipment.

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