Feed In Tariff – FIT Tariff Rates

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Below is a table showing the current feed in tariff rates applicable to buildings achieving an EPC rating of D or above. For more detailed information you can download the latest feed in tariff tables from the Ofgem website.

You can expect to achieve 10% return on investment tax free and indexed linked for 20 years.

Feed In Tariff Rates

ScaleTariff (p/kWh)Duration (years)
Up to 4kW14.3820
From 4 to10kW13.0320
From 10 to 50kW12.1320
From 50 to 100kW10.7120
From 100 to 150kW10.7120
From 150 to 250kW10.2520
Greater than 250kW6.6120

The current deemed export rate is 4.77p


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