Heat Pumps

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How Heat Pumps Work?


Question: What’s a fridge freezer got to do with heat pumps and heating your property? Heat Pumps work

Answer: The principles of a heat pump and a fridge are very similar except that they work the opposite way round from each other. A heat pump will take cold air and convert it to warm air, whereas a fridge converts warm air to cold air.

A fridge is designed to keep food and drink cool at a constant temperature, however, have you ever felt the heat which comes from the back of the fridge? This is the heat which has been removed from the fridge in order to keep the inside cool. The heat is dissipated through cooling fins into the air space of the room.

Imagine you could use the heat from your fridge to heat your home! Well now you can – except that you wouldn’t use a fridge but a heat pump. Heat pumps are extremely efficient at converting low temperatures to higher temperatures from the natural energy of the environment in which they are placed. Even when the outside temperature falls below 0 degrees C, your heat pump will keep you warm and comfortable in your home.

Energy can be extracted from the ground, air and even water. See the individual pages for more information about the different types of heat pump.

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