Photovoltaics Explained

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 What are Photovoltaics or PV Technologies


Photovoltaics or PV TechnologiesPhotovoltaics (PV) is the active solar technology which produces electricity from solar radiation using solar cells in panels. There are essentially two types of system available: Grid tied which are connected to the national grid and stand-alone which are not.

Some reasons for Photovoltaics or PV

  • It is a mature technology, robust and reliable, has no moving parts requiring minimum maintenance.
  • Helps to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Adds to the value of property.
  • Financial incentives, feed-in tarrif makes system payback much quicker.
  • Performance of photovoltaic modules are guranteed for between 20 and 25 years.
  • Relatively quick and non disruptive to install.

Is your roof suitable for a PV or Photovoltaic system

If you have a roof which is facing in a Southerly direction (between East and West), has very little shading from trees or nearby buildings, then your property maybe suitable for a solar PV system.

When considering such a system check with your local authority if you have any planning restrictions in your area. Most homes do not need planning permission because of permitted development rights but always check first.

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