Renewable Technologies Using Solar Energy

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Renewable energy solarRenewable Solar Energy


The sun is the star at the centre of the solar system which provides the solar energy which supports almost all life on Earth and drives Earth’s climate and weather. It provides enough solar energy to provide all the power the world needs for a year for every hour of energy reaching the earth surface. A full midday sun averages about 1,000 watts per square metre falling fairly evenly on the world’s surface.

UK Solar mapIt’s a common misconception that solar technology relies on direct sunlight and that we don’t get enough sun in the UK to be able to support efficient solartechnologies.

Whilst it is true that solar energy is greater the nearer you are to the equator, it is the diffuse radiation, which is harnessed and in the UK and it is around 2/3 of that at the equator, so there is still a large amount of free energy to be used.

The map to the side shows the solar energy distribution across the UK measured in kWh/m2.

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