Solar Panels

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Solar Panels or Solar Photovoltaics


Solar Panels or Solar Photovoltaics (PV for short), is the active solar technology which converts solar radiation from the Sun into electricity. We will design your system using professional software modelling tools so that you get the optimum benefit from your system.

Is your roof suitable for a Solar Panels PV system


If you have a roof which is facing in a Southerly direction (between East and West), has very little shading from trees or nearby buildings, then your property maybe suitable for a solar PV system. If you would like us to provide you with a quotation please click here.

When considering such a system check with your local authority if you have any planning restrictions in your area. Most homes do not need planning permission because of permitted development rights but always check first. Since March 2012 most commercial developments also no longer need planning permission.

Some of the brands we have used for Solar Panels

Solar Panels by Green Systems Engineering


Solar panels suppliers

Manufacturer of solar panels


SMA Solar Panels



solar panels manufacturers



K2 systems of solar panelsGreat solar panels by power one

 Solar Panels installer




Solar panels manufacturer

Solar panels experts